Ebb & Flow


Earthly music, use it abuse it choose it to be what your mind will see in the future three women, one past, one now one then I don’t know when sometime somewhere a room with four walls decaying sound increase no peace in here can’t find a use for all these theories and queries in my brain, my brain, my brain can’t quite grasp onto the knots I’m tying and trying to be viably something the world can take from and give to I mean to continue to create and procreate my mental offspring let my cortex sing sweet things playing  membraneous strings. Count your blessings and stop messing about with surviving and live for a moment some moment in time not now not then but how and why and what does everything mean to you, to him, to her and where does it all fit in we are all the same being and seeing what I see you can attempt to let it be or you can sit and let your instinct see and feel and do and become anything the world wants you to drum beat the drum beat the scum out of the sewers of technological singular complexes, lying in drugged hexes seeing all sexes as equally one but still unique for their own sums and drum beats some meet eachother some don’t some won’t ever see the light and some won’t see the dark, some pass through both willingly some will be dragged on and ragged on, but fighting is figuratively good but physically evil, but evil is in life and life to be lived, I gave life to my world and the world to my life. Soak it up soak it in, the cycle begins and ends at the same spot, infinity is not infinite on an infinite timeline my mind feels like a big bang that once rang out to the universe took its course from the elemental excess of one and two and three equal something not quite seen before a parallel existence with all and all merging and emerging from the ashes of itself where it can, it can and will, the will will never stop and the beat can never drop, drip, drops of water rust metal, iron, more iron-ons more materials for serials and sequences my weakness is something unforeseen like a futuristic dream of the world mingled with the world I live in, breathe in, give in to the eternal ebb and flow right now.

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