Reliable Fungus

Feeling quite lethargic today. I want to go out but I’m far too malnourished for any sort of hike. I have to be careful. If I get stuck in this slump I’ll render myself too weak to actually go out and find food.
Fungus is reliable.
I once remember hearing that fungus could survive the apocalypse.
Apparently it can.
Not only is it a legitimately good food source, but metaphorically, the nature of the mushroom keeps me moving forward, even in times of despair. One spore on the wind will eventually find its way to the proper substrate and bloom into any of the millions of different fungal strains and species. A plethora of possibilities for the existence of life. Fungus persists against all odds.
I think I recall seeing some mushrooms just down the back path from my house. That’s as far as I will go today…
Delectablefungus Success! I’ve found quite the delectable looking mushroom. Definitely not poisonous- I’ve seen this kind before. This should assure me enough energy to set out and find some real sustenance tomorrow morning. A definite cause for celebration.
But still hunched over, investigating the edibility of this delightful ‘shroom, I had a thought. I have noticed that wherever a fully grown mushroom stands, there are almost always a grouping of smaller mushrooms congregating around it, like its loyal family or friends. When one crumbles, the next will rise with its own set of comrades to gather round it- a perpetual commune.
It suddenly struck me that I don’t see enough people. I need to find some trusted friends. My survival may depend on it. Being alone for so long cannot be healthy.
But first…
Mushroom soup.

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