Potent & Omnipotent

The mushroom soup went off without a hitch.  Hands down the best bit of eatery I’ve indulged in for a while.
I decided to be a bit greedy and took the entire family of mushrooms for my soup, even the little ones.  I did, however, leave one solitary sprout there for re-growth. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to cultivate a small mushroom farm.
But not these mushrooms…
No, not these mushrooms at all. Shortly after consuming the soup, I was taken on a celestial mind-fuck that lasted the better part of six hours.
Now, I’ve happened upon the odd psychedelic mushroom from time to time, but this was high dosage, and these were not normal psychedelics.
The first distortion actually took place while I was cooking the soup. In time, which was surely displaced, I had already eaten the soup, I could feel its warmth in my stomach, but my mind experienced the cooking of the soup after the fact. As I stirred the pot, I witnessed the biggest of the mushrooms concocting his own mushroom soup inside the pot, using all his tiny friends as tiny ingredients, promptly eating them up and then amalgamating into some super-high, super-mushroom. Without hesitation, I devoured him. He was super-delicious.
My body quivered uncontrollably. Breathing became heavy and deliberate. Almost mechanical. My vision intensified acutely but soon evolved into a blurred nightmare of cloudlike unsteadiness. A wireframe appeared to coat every surface I laid eyes on, but the frame could not set still. The grid elevated upwards, dragging my consciousness up with it like a puppet on strings. Up I went and above the grid. I looked down to where my body had been standing and perceived not myself, but a giant, humanoid mushroom in my place, shifting about. The gills flowed in beautiful unity as if caught in a calm ocean current. The fungified version of myself seeped liquid soup broth. My body temperature raised with this visualization but my consciousness, floating about omnisciently, felt only a jerking sensation upwards, further from the material world. This giant mushroom, now glistening with soup, reflected a metallic shine. Bit by bit, my body turned from mushroom to robot while still retaining all its mushroom qualities. My sight drifted upwards as I looked out at the vast expanse of the Earth below and the Universe up and beyond. Is that a forest? It couldn’t be.
This grid, now overlaid on the surface of the world, was perceived as the eternal network and blueprint for all things conceivable. An intertwining filter for forethought. I looked back down to myself and started walking forward. Despite my all-seeing, all-powerful mindset, I feared the outdoors and craved the security of my four walls. I remember moving towards the stove to rid myself of the devilish soup that bestowed upon me this incredible, yet incredibly terrifying gift of God-like supremacy. Controlling myself, I dumped the leftover soup into the sink and as gravity took it downward, down came my consciousness. A monumental leap from a mountaintop. I felt cast out of Heaven. However, as I came crashing back down into my metal body, another sensation took hold of me. My senses were enhanced ten-fold. I looked out the nearby window and my vision leapt to the furthest building with ease, from the macroscopic to the microscopic in an instant. Every individual crack and blemish of the brick wall was as plain and clear as the counter beside me. In a giddy burst of strength I grabbed hold of my oven and dashed it across the room. This was too much. Too much power, too much for my mind to handle. I stumbled downward to lift the fallen oven but blacked out before it could be done…

Dreams of unspeakable madness and indescribable beauty.

I awoke several hours later with only slight visual stimulation. Typical closed-eye symmetry and geometrical shapes forging in darkness. As the stupor slowly wore off, I wandered into my kitchen.
How did I throw that oven across the room?

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