The Engineer

The city is much quieter than I expected…
Buildings all around, but almost no sign of life. Perhaps everyone hides indoors. Underground? No robots either. Except Sally. Sally is a good robot.
She leads me to a back alley door. She knocks.

The engineer is not what I expected. He is dressed strangely and surprisingly young. Maybe almost as young as me. The patterns on his sweater remind me of the visuals I had after the mushroom soup.
He appears extremely mellow. Relaxed. Is he rich?
He greets me but pays little attention to Sally.
We walk inside into a robotics lab seemingly twice as big as the outside of the building. Robots are strewn about everywhere- In boxes, hanging from the ceiling, on the walls. Sally walks over to a table and lies down. She begins to unhinge her limbs.
The engineer introduces himself as Cid.
I explain to him where I found Sally, smashed to pieces.
“It’s those terrorists again.” He tells me. “There’s a lot of technophobia out there. Robots aren’t exactly appreciated.”
“That’s terrible… Sally helped me get to the city. Her companionship alone kept me from going mad.”
“I’m surprised you didn’t. You look like you need a rest.”
“I do.”
“You can stay here until you feel ready to leave.” He says, “You’ve been good enough to bring Sally back. Thank you.”
He picks up a pipe and lights it, taking a few short puffs.  He seems to fall into a deeper state of relaxation.
“There’s a spare bed in the next room. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some repairs to make.”

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