“Sorry about this Sally.” The engineer said as he pried the chest piece open on my robot friend.
Gin started intently on some wiring inside. Sally’s face twitched.
Her expression was unmistakable.
“Cid, is she in pain?” I asked.
“Yes” he answered coldly.
“But why would you program her to feel pain? That’s just cruelty.”
“No. You don’t understand. In order for them to learn and develop their minds and memories they must be able to feel pain. Without it they would remain sterile, gargoyle drones not fit for humanity’s companionship. Humanity’s needs.”
Sally withered back and forth. The sting of electricity intensified. Her arms and legs rattled on the table. Cid held her down and proceeded with the repairs.
I waited near, watching every jolt through the body of the bot.
“It’s no use.” Cid said.
“What’s wrong?”
“She’s missing too many parts. Parts that I don’t have. Expensive parts. I’ll figure something out in the morning. I’m burning out.” He said.
“Yeah, I should get some sleep too. I’ve been hallucinating lately.”

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