After a few weeks of recovery Cid made me an interesting proposition. Being nothing but a vagabond, I was offered a sort of employment. In exchange for me venturing out in search of scrap metals, computer parts and destroyed robots, Cid would let me live with him and feed me regularly. At first a bit reluctant, I was soon accepting at the prospect of saving Sally’s life.
The food could save my own life.
Or at least keep me alive…
“How do you get the food?” I asked?
He promptly led me downstairs into a storage room…
“I found boxes of them when I was searching an old factory for parts.” He said, handing me a plastic package of something called “Sweaty Squid”. Inside appeared to be dried, stringy tentacles. I wasn’t sure what a squid was but it the most delicious thing I had ever eaten- the taste was so new and flavorful. I could get used to this stuff.
“How much of this do you have?” I asked.
“Enough to keep you alive. Don’t worry about that. You can take as much as you need when you go out collecting too. Who knows how long you’ll be out there.”
“What do you mean?”
“You know, in case you get lost or encounter any problems. Have no fear- I will give you a gun.”
A gun…
What am I getting myself into?

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