I feel like a ghost.
Caught halfway between here and there and I know there’s a chance I won’t be back for a long time.
I am nervous yet ready for a new adventure- My first real adventure.
I’ve packed what I hope to be a year’s worth of Sweaty Squid Jerky and the special fruits, along with the necessary tools I’ll be needing for the job at hand.
Cid hands me the gun.
A vulgar weapon of brutality.
“A sprayer of sulfuric acid and a machine gun combined with a bayonet. For the extinguishing of all forms of organic and inorganic materials.” Cid cites.
“Is this necessary?” I ask.
“Maybe not. Do you want to find out without it?”
He gives me a brief tutorial on the usage of the weapon. Quite advanced for such an ugly thing.
“Who made this piece of shit?”
“I did.”
“Oh… Sorry… But it’s just pretty heavy for a knifegun, don’t you think?”
“It’s not a ‘knifegun’.” Cid tells me, annoyed. “Just take it. And please do not break it. I only have one.”
He shows me to the door and draws it open into the dusty ruins.
“Will you take care of my birds while I’m gone?”
“Yeah… Sure…”
I sense slight sarcasm in his voice, but it doesn’t matter.
“I suggest heading south. I’ve had the most luck there. If you get lost, remember the big triangle mountain will always be north of you.”
“What mountain?”
“You’ll see it.”
“Well… I’ll see you… When I see you, Cid…”

And here I was thinking all luck was good…

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