A part of me wishes I was home…
That ruined excuse for a house in the wasteland suburbs. At least it was safe. Familiar.
Yet, I feel obligated to carry out my search for new life.
“Life”, as I put it, is artificial. Robotics which, in fact, have little life left in them.
It’s what I wanted after all- to help them.
To save them?
I look around my new landscape and question for the first time what I could possibly be saving them from.
Their time is short and I will likely only prolong the inevitable.
I know death will take them as it will me.
But it’s not fear I feel, it’s quite distinctly hopelessness. As of this moment I know where I am, that is, my location, however, in perhaps an hour or two I will surely be lost…
I suppose it’s not worth my energy to worry…
Everything is so strange here. New, but nevertheless, expected. New words on wrecked signs in characters unrecognizable.
Will I be capable of finding my way back to Cid once I’ve recovered these machines?
The answer is obvious:
But I will cross that bridge once I get there.

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