This is the junkyard. This is the path.
This is the way back to luxury.
These metals, these alloys. These are hundreds of years of hard work by humanity, mining and melding.
This journey, though it seems to have only begun, has left me wanting.
Now I envy the past. Until this point I could only speculate on what the world might’ve been like before but now it is all in front of me.
Pieces of mechanisms and devices that have no practical use for human survival- if they did I’d take them, but most of what is here is indistinguishable to someone of my generation. All of it luxury.
This is part of my journey. I needed to see it. It all seemed normal to me before- this world I live in. Painful, but normal nonetheless, though looking at this junkyard and everything in it, I feel cheated. I was born into this world. I didn’t have a choice.
Suddenly I feel as though I have a broader purpose. Cid can help this. The robots- they can help this.
I’m not out here just to save them, I’m out here to save myself.
The restoration of luxury. That’s my purpose.
Humanity evolved. We earned these luxuries, yet we’re living well below the standard.
I don’t even know what enjoyment I’d get from these things, but I at least want the choice. I want to chose to say “no” and not be forced to.
I didn’t think I’d be able to find my way back to Cid’s shop, but now I question if I’ll even be able to navigate out of this junkyard.  It’s a dungeon.
But I suppose every adventure has its dungeons.
This will be my first.
Or maybe my last.
I wish I didn’t still smell like that vile stream

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